Saturday, May 4, 2013

Busy Saturdays!

Today was a pretty crazy day! We started at 7 am filling hundreds of water and Gatorade cups for the runners of the Provo marathon. Friends from the ward were super awesome to help out at our water station and had a blast handing them off to runners as they went by. The race turned out super awesome, big shout out to Denny and Ceci and Hilary for your crazy hard work!

After the marathon we hit up Denny's for a quick brunch and then headed over to the Rugby National Championship match, where the Cougars fought hard to the last minute for their victory against Cal (who have 26 national championships under their belt!!?!). Another shout out to our buddy Ray who played amazingly well!!! (He's #3 in the pictures).

We picked up some groceries on our way home and then finally put our new Utah license plate on the car (sad sad day).

Now we are camped in front of the tv watching the Ducks play and waiting for the volleyball national championship game to start, where BYU will be competing for their second championship in a single day.

It's been a crazy busy day, and we are both feeling it (Tom especially as he is still working through the issues with his back), but it has been so much fun and was so worth it. I hope we still feel that way tomorrow!