Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Engagement

This is just a post with a bunch of random pictures from while we were dating and engaged.  Enjoy!

We held hands the whole time as we walked the pioneer 5K summer 2011.

You would never know, but we were at a BYU hockey game and decided to take some random pictures.

Halloween night, Kate and Tucker were nice enough to invite us over to carve pumpkins with them!  We think ours turned out pretty well.

It's always fun to go visit Grandma Challis!

While Tom and I were dating, my family went on a big road trip across the country.  One of our stops was at Tom Sawyer's cave in Missouri.  We couldn't resist getting a picture of me in Becky Thatcher's place, holding the chalkboard that says "I LOVE TOM".

We spent Thanksgiving with Tom's family, and one of their traditions is to go bowling in the morning--so fun!  I love this picture of Tom celebrating ;)

And finally, three days before the wedding, Christmas Eve at my house.